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The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) developed this web site so that Americans can make informed choices about their renewable energy options. Sugarcane ethanol holds the potential to be a key building block of America’s secure energy future because of its proven environmental benefits and potential savings at the pump – benefits Brazil has been enjoying for the past 30 years.

Logo for UNICA - the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry AssociationUNICA is the leading trade association for the sugarcane industry in Brazil, representing nearly two-thirds of all sugarcane production and processing in the country. UNICA’s priorities include serving as a source for credible information and analysis about the efficiency and sustainability of sugarcane products, particularly its biofuels. The association works to encourage the continuous advancement of sustainable practices throughout the sugarcane industry and to promote biofuels as a clean, reliable alternative to fossil fuels.

As proof, Brazil has replaced more than half of its fuel needs with sugarcane ethanol – making gasoline the alternative fuel. And, sugarcane ethanol could make a real difference helping to reduce America’s gasoline dependence as well.

Logo for Apex - the Brazilian trade and investment promotion agency. APEX-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, also supports UNICA’s sugarcane ethanol awareness program to help encourage the U.S. and nations around the world to realize the environmental, economic and energy security benefits of sugarcane ethanol.

California has classified sugarcane ethanol as a “low-carbon” fuel that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the state’s transportation sector. (Source: California Air Resources Board)


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