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About Leticia Phillips

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Leticia Phillips, Representative, North America IMG_0780.JPG

At UNICA since August 2008, Leticia is responsible for the developing the relationship with the U.S. Congress and other institutions throughout North America. In this capacity, Leticia is responsible for leading key policy issues, communicating UNICA’s priorities to a variety of stakeholders in the U.S. and engaging on relevant debate to ensure the elimination of trade barriers for Brazilian sugarcane products.

Prior to joining UNICA, Leticia was the Associate Director for Membership and Marketing at the Brazil-U.S. Business Council. In that capacity, she supported the membership and marketing outreach initiatives of the Brazil Council and had leadership in directing major policy advocacy activities.  She liaised regularly with the U.S. Congress, senior representatives of the U.S. and Brazilian governments, Fortune 500 businesses, and multilateral institutions in Washington and throughout the region on a wide variety of U.S.-Brazil trade and investment issues.

Ms. Phillips has a bachelor's degree in International Relations with emphasis on Latin America from the American University in Washington, DC.

Sugarcane ethanol today cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 60-90% compared to gasoline – more than any other biofuel in large scale production.


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