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Archives: June

RFA: Cherry-Picking Crop Data on Capitol Hill

by Joel Velasco on Jun 28, 2010

While the Renewable Fuels Association tries to avoid competition by cherry-picking crop data, careful analysis shows that sugarcane, like corn, is experiencing considerable yield gains, producing more food, fiber and fuel on the same acre of land. Read More

Beyond the Gas Tank: Sugarcane Unlimited

by Joel Velasco on Jun 22, 2010

To realize the great potential of sugarcane in renewable applications, look no further than today’s announcement of a joint venture between Amyris, Inc. and Cosan S.A. to develop cane-based green chemicals. Beyond the gas tank, cane ethanol can replace petroleum as a raw material in a range of products – everything from plastics to cosmetics. Read More

New Interactive Map Debunks Sugarcane/Amazon Deforestation Myths

by Joel Velasco on Jun 21, 2010

Detractors of sugarcane ethanol have made misinformed and false accusations alleging that sugarcane contributes to the deforestation of the Amazon. The team is excited to unveil a new, interactive map that shows this is simply untrue. We encourage you to explore the map, find out where cane is grown and how that relates to the location of the rainforest. Read More

What Could Progressives and Conservatives Possibly Agree On? (Hint: Changing U.S. Ethanol Policy)

by Joel Velasco on Jun 15, 2010

These days in DC, it’s tough to get Progressives and Conservatives to agree on anything. Open up today’s Washington Times, however, and you’ll find that both ends of the ideological spectrum may have found common ground in calling for a change in U.S. ethanol policy. Read More

Sugarcane Ethanol Fuels World Cup Fever

by Joel Velasco on Jun 15, 2010

Washington D.C. area residents were treated to a special World Cup experience last Saturday with the first ever Dupont Festival: Soccer in the Circle. The Sweeter Alternative team was thrilled to help sponsor this celebration of the beautiful game in the heart of the city. Thousands of fans braved oppressive heat to enjoy the games and win great prizes. Read More

DC Gas Discount: Signed, Sealed, Delivered...

by Joel Velasco on Jun 03, 2010

Despite an 11th hour cancellation of our discounted gas event last week, we were able to honor our commitment to lower prices by offering a gas card giveaway to DC drivers. The response was overwhelming, and today we sealed the deal! Read More

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