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Archives: August

While You Were Recessing

by Joel Velasco on Aug 19, 2010

After a brief stint back in session for a House vote on a state budget measure, Congress has officially left town for the August recess. There might be a lull in policy activity, but it’s only expected to last another three weeks. Here’s a quick recap of recent developments that will prepare you for when the ethanol debate resumes after Labor Day. Read More

After 30 Years of Federal Subsidies, Ethanol Can Go It Alone

by Joel Velasco on Aug 12, 2010

A column I wrote for McClatchy News’ Pro/Con feature is being published in newspapers around the country today. The piece argues that after 30 years of federal subsidies and protectionist measures that waste taxpayers’ money and contribute to price volatility at the pump, ethanol is ready to stand on its own two feet. It’s time to end the subsidies and trade barriers. Interestingly, the opposing viewpoint agrees that the tariff on imported ethanol should be reduced! Read More

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