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Archives: September

Nation’s Fourth Largest Ethanol Producer Says Industry No Longer Needs Tax Credit, Tariff to Survive

by Joel Velasco on Sep 27, 2010

As the prospect for a renewal of the ethanol tariff and subsidies dims, industry leaders are starting to change their rhetoric. Todd Becker, CEO of Green Plains Renewable Energy – the nation’s fourth largest ethanol producer – said Friday that his company and the industry as a whole would continue to prosper in the absence of the VEETC and the 54-cent per gallon tariff on imported ethanol, both of which expire at the end of the year. Read More

New Video Provides “Animated” Look at U.S. Ethanol Policy

by Joel Velasco on Sep 22, 2010

We are excited to introduce a new video that explains how Congress could save taxpayers $6 billion per year and help lower prices at the pump. All lawmakers have to do is let 30 years of ethanol tax credits and trade protection expire on December 31. Read More

The Debate is Heating Up

by Joel Velasco on Sep 17, 2010

Congress is back from summer recess and has returned to a very crowded agenda. The ethanol policy debate is expected to jockey for attention and may well continue through the midterm elections and into Congress’ lame duck session. At issue is the interlocking system of ethanol subsidies that costs taxpayers $6 billion per year (and a total of $45 billion since 1980), along with trade barriers that limits competition and contributes to fluctuating gas prices. Read More

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