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Newspapers and Experts Call for End to Ethanol Tariff and Subsidies

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From inside-the-beltway to Wall Street to the heart of the farm belt, the plummet in support for ethanol subsidies and trade protection is on full display in some of the nation’s top newspapers. Editorials in The New York TimesThe Washington PostWall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and many other papers — each calling for significant reform of U.S. ethanol policy — are another milestone in the groundswell of support for opening America’s renewable fuels market to real competition that will benefit consumers.

Explore the map below to see what they’re saying in your neighborhood and add your voice.The current breakdown of published commentary that we know of includes:

  • 124 Editorials
  • 83 Op-Eds
  • 21 Letters to the Editor

We've got even more headlines in our media room. Did we miss anything? Send us coverage from your local community.

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