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Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association announces new CEO

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São Paulo, October 3rd, 2012 – The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA), has announced the appointment of University of São Paulo Economics Professor Elizabeth Farina as the organization’s new CEO. She replaces Economist and Agronomist Marcos Jank, who left the position in April, and technical director Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, the acting President since Jank’s departure.

A professor since 1982 of the Economics Department at FEA, the University of São Paulo’s Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting, Farina has been Head of the Economics Department since 2011. She is a former President of CADE, the Brazilian Competition Authority, and Vice-Coordinator of PENSA, the University of São Paulo’s Agribusiness Intelligence Center.

According to UNICA Board Chairman Pedro Parente, Farina brings a combination of strong technical credentials and experience in relevant positions within the Federal Government. “She combines exceptional abilities to lead UNICA and provide a solid contribution at a time when tremendous challenges must be overcome by the ethanol, sugar and bioelectricity industries.”

Elizabeth Farina will join UNICA officially as of December 1st, immediately after concluding her current commitments at the University of São Paulo.

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