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Sugarcane Ethanol Powers Indy’s Long Beach Race

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Within the agreement signed between the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) and the Indy Racing League (IRL), the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, CA that happens this Sunday (April 18), will utilize 100% fuel grade ethanol to power its race cars. 

“UNICA is excited about its partnership with IndyCar to promote ethanol use, not only in global race competitions, but also in your daily life. Sugarcane ethanol is a clean and affordable renewable fuel that could help Americans save money at the pump, cut U.S. dependence on Middle East oil and improve the environment,” said UNICA’s Chief Representative for North America, Joel Velasco.

Sugarcane ethanol cuts greenhouse gases by at least 60 percent compared to gasoline – better than any other biofuel widely produced today. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed sugarcane ethanol’s superior environmental performance earlier this year by designating it an “advanced renewable fuel.” 

Thanks to the use of a clean fuel, such as sugarcane ethanol, IndyCar, compared to other global car races, reduces its CO2 emissions. UNICA will supply the IZOD IndyCar Series will 200,000 liters (53,000 gallons) of the 100-percent fuel grade ethanol used in the races. Sugarcane ethanol will be featured in 16 of the 17 races, including the Indianapolis 500. 

UNICA became the official fuel supplier for Indy in 2009, at the same time that the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), became a major sponsor of the IndyCar Series. Apex-Brasil utilizes the Series as a channel to promote Brazilian exports. Throughout the 2010 season, UNICA will host special promotions at various races in the United States in partnership with Apex-Brasil, to increase the awareness of sugarcane ethanol as an environmentally friendly fuel.

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